Marissa Hammond


A little about Marissa

Number of years cheering: 11
Number of years cheering on Eye: 3
Hometown (City/State): Newark, DE
Fav food: Spaghetti
Fav Restaurant: Red Lobster
Fav Candy: Reeseā€™s Cups
Fav color: Blue
Fav ice cream flavor: Strawberry
Pet (type of animal/name): Cat-Sable
Fav tv show: Heartland
Fav movie: Fast and the Furious
Fav song: Hola Back Girl
Fav cheer competition: Cheersport (Atlanta, Georgia)
Fav cheer team: Eye of the Storm
Fav thing about being on Eye: My friends
Do you play any other sports? Special Olympics (Basketball, Bocce, Bowling and Softball)