Maryland Twisters

Eye of
the Storm

Do you think YOU have what it takes to be a member of one of the most established and successful CheerAbilities teams in the nation?


years of excellence in competition.
athletes trained to be the best.

About Eye of the Storm

Currently, Eye is comprised of athletes who range in age from 14-39. Each Eye athlete has various health/emotional/intellectual physical challenges: Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, neurological disorders, emotional disorders, social anxiety … but none of them let their challenges stop them from performing a 2:30 routine unassisted – successfully.

Meet The Coaches

Coach Sharon

Coach Sharon organized Eye of the Storm into one of the first cheerleading teams in the Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia areas for athletes with special needs.

Coach Kevin

Coach Kevin joined the Maryland Twisters tumbling staff in 2001, and is excited to start another competitive season coaching Eye of the Storm.

Coach Chloe

Coach Chloe successfully transitioned from team athlete to coaching after her win at the 2016 Cheerleading Worlds.

Coach Makaila

My name is Makaila Lewy. Coaching/helping Eye has brought me so much joy! There is nothing this team can’t do.