Athlete Cost Breakdown for 2024-2025 Season

Booster Club Yearly Dues

Upon signing up for Eye, athletes (or their families) are expected to pay the following administrative fees:

  • One-time registration fee of $100 (new program members only)
  • Yearly dues ($100) which are to be paid by July 31st

Athlete Costs

We anticipate this year’s costs to be $100 per month per athlete for 10 months beginning in July. Yearly costs cover the following items:

    • 1 Maryland Twisters t-shirt
    • Practice wear
    • Varsity fees: athlete/coaches/personnel
    • CDE fees: coaches/personnel
    • Coaches’ travel: hotel, air, and ground transportation
    • Official Uniform
    • 1 competition bow
    • Warmup jacket (only if needed)
    • Choreography
    • Music
  • Twisters’ licensing fee
  • Discretionary fund
  • Team bonding activities
  • 1 specialty t-shirt
  • Helper t-shirt

Travel Expenses

Fundraising opportunities are available to cover the following travel expenses:

  • 2 travel competitions (hotel, air, ground transportation). Meals are an additional expense.
  • Charitable Outreach:  Every fall EOTS coaches select a charitable outreach event to help build team unity. Creative participation helps bond athletes, coaches, and families in a combined effort to collect the items necessary to carry out this important challenge.

Yes, prior cheerleading and/or dance experience is necessary due to the level of competition. We currently have openings on the team for flyers and tumblers. If you aren’t sure if you have the experience required to be on Eye, please contact coach Sharon at eyeofthestormcheerleading@gmail.com

Eye of the Storm is accepting athletes who are 14 or older.  Maturity and the ability to follow verbal commands with little-to-no direction is a must.

Competitions in 2023-24 were located in:

  • Maryland (Baltimore, Upper Marlboro, and The National Harbor).
  • Texas (Dallas)
  • Florida (Orlando)

The competition schedule is normally released in early September.

Eye’s 2024-2025 practice season will begin on Monday, July 8th. Saturday practices starts on September 7th at 9AM. After school starts, Saturday practices will be added. If you or someone you know is interested in trying out, it’s not too late! Please contact coach Sharon via email at eyeofthestormcheerleading@gmail.com.

Eye’s competition season will begin November 22nd with the Twister’s Showcase and will end with The Summit in Orlando, May 1st-4th.