Costin Roane

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A little about Costin

Number of years cheering: 7
Number of years cheering on Eye: 5
Hometown (City/State): Kent Island, MD
Fav food: Mac ‘n Cheese
Fav color: Blue
Fav restaurant: Anywhere I can eat Mac ‘n Cheese w/coach Sharon
Fav candy: Anything chocolate mint
Fav ice cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
Pet (type of animal/name): Beta Fish-Stormy; Cat-Odie; Dog-Noggin
Fav tv show: MOM on CBS
Fav movie: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
Fav song: Instant Replay
Fav cheer competition: Worlds
Fav cheer team: Reign (Maryland Twisters)
Fav thing about being on Eye: Travel
Do you play any other sports? Nope