Kaitlyn Edmunds

Base, Tumbler

A little about Kaitlyn

Number of years cheering: 10 years
Number of years cheering on Eye: 8 years
Hometown (City/State): Pasadena, MD
Fav food: Chicken Tenders and Fries, also Spanish Rice
Fav color: Hot Pink
Fav restaurant: Green Turtle
Fav candy: Chewy Cube War Heads
Fav ice cream flavor: Vanilla 
Pet (type of animal/name): Yorkie/Multis-Mojo and Raven
Fav tv show: Dance Moms 
Fav movie: Any Horror movie
Fav song: “Adore you“ by Harry Styles
Fav cheer competition: The MAJORS (Indianapolis, IN)
Fav cheer team: F5
Fav thing about being on Eye: being with my friends
Do you play any other sports (or dance/sing, etc.): High School Cheer, Special Olympics (Bowling, Bocce and swimming)